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Host a Dinner Party With Cannabis

Tips for an evening to remember (that you might forget).

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Detox Like a Celebrity

Austria’s renowned Mayr Clinic shares exclusive tips from its signature detox program.

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    Keep Portion Sizes Small. Chewing is Key

    Each guest is given three meals during the Mayr cure. The day starts with a very light breakfast; always sheeps yogurt and special buckwheat rolls. The dense texture of these rolls are meant to encourage thorough chewing, stimulating the digestive enzymes and staving off hunger. Because the prime focus of this program is to improve digestive efficiency, the chewing training of these rolls is essential, says head chef Andreas Wolff.

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    Eat A Little Meat, Mostly Plants

    Guests are given one serving of meat and two servings of fish in a week. To supplement this, eggs are used generously in meals to deliver essential amino acids. For the rest of the time, meals at the Mayr Clinic are predominantly plant based.

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    Avoid Raw, Bloating Vegetables

    Sugar, fruits, and any raw foods are strictly avoided during the program. Included in this list are bloating vegetables like onion, garlic, kale, cabbage, or hard to digest like bell peppers or lentils, beans. “The intention is to have everything really digestible,” emphasises chef Wolff, “so it is really important to give the gut a rest during the Mayr program”.

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    Use fresh herbs (a lot of dry herbs )to substitute salt.

    It might come as a surprise, but carbohydrates in the evening are a big problem for a lot of people. When having a carbohydrate dinner, insulin rushes to the brain overnight and impairs the release of melatonin and human growth hormone.

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The original FX Mayr Clinic

The original FX Mayr Clinic is a world famous clinic dedicated to holistic and healthy living. Its detox program, The FX Mayr cure, helps to achieve lightness in the gut through fasting and conscious abstinence. Their team  experienced doctors and therapists create individual cure programmes, which holistically combines medical treatment, nutrition, exercise and awareness training. Visit their site here for more information.