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Host a Dinner Party With Cannabis

Chef and founder of Laurie and MaryJane edibles, Laurie Wolf shares her tips on throwing an evening to remember.

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    Don’t create a menu that exceeds 10mg of THC

    You’ll get the munchies and will just be shovelling food in because it feels good.

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    Offer Side Dishes that Cater to Different Tolerances

    For those who have a higher- than- average tolerance threshold, ensure that the dinner table is scattered with numerous (and clearly labelled) cannabis-infused side dishes so that the more tolerant of guests can up their high as they wish.

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    Manage the meal around the effects of the cannabis strains being used.

    Wolf infuses the starters with sativa. The main course is infused with a one- to- one THC and CBD combination. Finally, deserts are always infused with indicas. Wolf explains, “the effect is that at the beginning they become a little more talkative and the energy level goes up and by the end we hope it mellows out. At the end, people may feel the indica kicking in, and they have a great night’s sleep.”

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Laurie Wolf

Laurie Wolf is a Portland based cookery writer, author, chef, award winning culinary entrepreneur and a leader in the edible community. After having worked as food editor for the likes of Mademoiselle and Child for 18 years, in 2014 she founded her brand of cannabis edibles Laurie + MaryJane along with daughter-in-law Mary Wolf.

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