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Self- Centered

Objects That Inspire Quiet Rituals

For cultivating balance, it is important to make space for moments of self-reflection and mindfulness. These beautifully designed objects serve as practical tools to aid your journey inwards. They are most effective when used at the start or the end of day to ground, reflect and focus your intentions.

Modern Alchemy

Wonder Tonics and Potions

These stylish yet potent supplements deliver powerful boosts of nutrition and antioxidants in small doses. Highly recommended during times of stress or seasonal changes when immunity might be low. These can be added to meals or taken as supplements during the day to support the nervous system.

Altered States

A CBD Edit

These CBD products are some of the best in the market. Not only for their quality in taste and contents, but also in their efficacy in delivering notable relief. This selection consists mostly of topical CBD or in tincture form so it might take a few minutes to feel its effects. But for those looking for some quick relief these products might make a world of difference.

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