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The Wild Muse Journal is an editorial destination dedicated to the pursuit of self-actualisation and purpose. We are storytellers and this journal believes in the value of the collective experience. We present interviews with individuals from many different backgrounds to share their accounts of life and living. Through our coverage of these unique perspectives, our journal offers a space for reflection and curiosity to thrive. In our passion for stories, we invite our readers to seek a life defined by exploration, authenticity and wonder.



“Welcome to The WMJ, a project that has been several years in the making. It is the culmination of a journey that traces back to when this journal was initially conceived as a wellness-oriented platform. Today, the creative vision and ethos of this project starts on a new page. Now more than ever, this platform answers a need for a place where humanity and authentic creativity is celebrated. Where the contents of living well are more than the material things we consume, but instead, can be found in the purpose, meaning and value we create in our lives and others. These stories and accounts gathered from many personal heroes of mine, are to be read as letters directly to you, the reader, to prompt your own journey of self-discovery. 

Looking back on the journey so far, I find many moments where I am both humbled and amazed by the experience of leading this editorial. This year, a portrait from our Sheela series was shortlisted for the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, and is currently on display in the National Portrait Gallery in London. In the months to come, we have a lineup of remarkable individuals whose perspectives I am so excited to share. All this and more, are some of the ways that indicate there is still more to discover.

In the spirit of meaningful action, I am also proud to announce that the WMJ is a slow journal that embraces the philosophy of mindful creativity. For this reason, content will be created and published in small batches every month. This allows for attention to quality and purpose. You will still be able to subscribe to our newsletter for weekly doses of content, or to reach us on social for a quick chat.

To mark the occasion of this new chapter, I want to thank you for following our journey, and I hope the conversations here spark something true for you.”

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