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3 Ways to Make Your Workout Routine Stick

Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson shares three tips to land your fitness routine.

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    Mix It Up

    Try something 3 times every other day, then try something else 3 times every other day. Try training before work for a month. Try training after work for a month. Try different food strategies before training-do some homework and apply what you learn and see what leaves you feeling best. Get to know yourself through the process.

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    Be Consistent

    Be consistent with training, eating, and recovery. These are the main ingredients. We work around everything else. I think people under- recover and the intensity of the training sometimes waxes and wanes more than it should.

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    Quality Over Quantity

    Think about the quality of your life. A little bit, all the time. Everything you do in the gym makes everything you do outside the gym better. More energy, improved mental acuity, increased confidence, more patience, not to mention you look and feel better all day long! Be pro- active about your sleep, give yourself a month of 8 hour nights and see what happens (I’m still working on this).

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Gunnar Peterson

Gunnar Peterson is an American personal trainer best known for his work with professional athletes and celebrities. He is also an author, speaker, creator of major fitness programs, and developer of fitness equipment with a focus on functional training.

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