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Stella Simona

The lifestyle essentials that jewellery designer Stella Simona treasures the most.

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Agathe D. Muffert

Keeps things sensual with these personal favourites curated by the founder of German lingerie house Opaak.

Edition 8

By: Unconditional Magazine

Edition No. 8 was a simple reminder to appreciate the beauty in being natural and to celebrate yourself. It covered all the topics that I care about, starting with the chapter, “Free the Nipple”.

Monocle Scent Two: Laurel

By: Comme des Garçons

This is my choice of perfume when it is a special occasion. It is modern, puristic and timeless. It also reminds me of a faraway country.

Porcelain Edition Candle

By: Hakudo x Hasami

Hakudo offers you a quiet moment to unwind in everyday life- to uncover your authentic soul. It is based on a philosophy derived from the Japanese ceremony of appreciating a subtle & exquisite fragrance.  ‘Listening’ to a scent allows your senses to be infused with your entire being. It invites you to take a deep breath, to prepare yourself for the day, and to feel a sense of tranquility in your evening.

Handmade G-Spot Massager

By: Dalia

This is truly a work of art with a purpose. It is a massager of quality, ethical manufacturing, is non-toxic and it is visually very appealing.

Spirit Album

By: Rhye

Rhye is pure hedonism in sound. It gets under your skin and evokes beautiful emotions.

Fresh Flowers

As I am longing for a garden, I always need a vase filled with fresh flowers in my studio. From selecting and arranging the bunch, it has become a ritual that pleases my senses and keeps me in the present.

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Agathe D. Muffert is the founder of German lingerie brand Opaak. Opaak prides themselves in producing  sustainable lingerie that does not compromise on luxury and quality. Visit their site here for more information.

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